• MicroBuild-HD

    For analysts who demand the most current and precise demographic data for their analysis, MicroBuild-HD provides a collection of the most commonly used and powerful household demographic variables.
  • MicroBuild-HE

    MicroBuild-HE defines Ethnic Grouping at the household level by census block or block group by utilizing the industry-leading ethnic encoding engine by Ethnic Technologies.
  • MicroBuild-HS

    Household level segmentation system that places each US household into one of 70 segments based on that household's specific consumer and demographic characteristics.

MicroBuild - Block Level Demographics

MicroBuild is the most detailed and precise block level demographic data product on the market. In fact, it is one of the only block level demographic data products available. For current year household counts, population counts and block level demographics such as income and wealth, MicroBuild is the source you are looking for. If you work with small trade areas and need an up to date and precise picture of what is happening “on the ground” then MicroBuild data is the answer.


The Most Notable Boom Town In America Microbuild Report

Gadberry Group has researched the most notable growth stories across the United States for several months and has chosen Williston as the first city featured in “MicroBuild On Location”, a periodic look at the interesting and notable places in the United States going through significant change.

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Why Choose Gadberry

Gadberry works best for you:

· When knowing more about small geographic areas (blocks, grids, Zip+4) are important to your research and location intelligence efforts
· When census data (and its derivatives) is no longer good enough for the decisions you are making
· When working closely with a provider who is willing to adapt to your circumstances is important
· When decades of experience in building and delivering data, technology and services for your location intelligence initiatives is important


Our most loyal customers often tell us they do business with us not only because we are location intelligence data experts but also because we go to extremes to ensure that our products and services are delivered when, where and how you need them.


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MicroBuild is protected under U.S. Patents No. 8,341,010 and 8,428,999.

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